Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Slip and Slide Mania

Can you picture it ... hot days, cool water, fun times, slipping and sliding. I know you were trying to beat out a friend or sibling during such fun times, because don't we all.

Well, we had set up the slip and slide for my grandchildren. The 4-year old was having a blast, the 2-year old like it but settled more for the kiddy pool. My 54-year old husband decided to have a go. Well down he went and the grandchildren just giggled with laughter. So my husband tried for round number 2 on Mr Slip and Slide, and yeee gaaddss --- failure. His head hit, his neck twisted, his face showed agony. Luckily the kids didn't catch it. I could tell how much it had hurt, but my husband, aka, Superman, wouldn't admit it. It took 3 weeks, until yesterday, for him to say how much he was hurting. He is entertaining, after all, that's why I keep him.

But, doubt me not, when the grandkids come to see us soon, he'll be out there again, slipping and sliding with the best of them. Just a big kid after all.


Monday, June 23, 2008

What a day

P/T at 8:30 (yawn) - it is a very vague memory Shopping at Michaels -- ahhhh -- fun for me
Home to unload and chill a bit Log onto my to see if there is any activity ... nope everybody working Take pictures of stuff and load it on ETSY

Got a special request to do a wreath for the entrance doorway into someone's wedding reception -- how cool is that. Sent lots of sample late last night, and today, and haven't heard a word -- bummer

Talked to sister on fun .. yada yada .. good call

Daughter, grandson, and niece stopped by tonight Baby is adorable (of course)

Check out my sales on EBAY, AMAZON, and (no go). Oh well, maybe tomorrow is a better day. Night to all